Founded in 1959, the Hong Kong Association of Careers Masters and Guidance Masters (HKACMGM) aims at providing professional support for all front-line guidance and careers guidance teachers in secondary schools of Hong Kong. Over the years, we have been endeavouring to serve local careers and guidance teachers and helping them to update their expertise in the area. Through a variety of activities, like seminars and talks on JUPAS and non-JUPAS pathways and other career opportunities, guidance courses for beginning and experienced guidance teachers, professional training workshops among all careers/guidance teachers, publications and research, implementation of the Summer Career-related Experience Scheme, promotion of the Caring School Awards Scheme as well as our newsletter, we have been providing our 400 plus member schools with all important information in the field so that they can disseminate accurate and quality services to students and keep themselves abreast of the latest trends in the careers / guidance field.  

In 2013, in order to enhance service to our member schools and to ensure our service standards and quality, the Association registered as a limited company and charitable organization, which marked a new page of the history and development of the Association.  In 2014/15, the Association will be celebrating its 55th anniversary. 


Activities/Programmes organized by the Hong Kong Association of Careers Masters and Guidance Masters

Seminars & Workshops

Different kinds of seminars and workshops are organized for careers teachers and guidance teachers, on topics like JUPAS and non-JUPAS opportunities, seminars on professional occupations, New Academic Structure (NAS), overseas study opportunities, Career Interest Inventory (CII), life planning, mental health, web addiction, drug addiction, Comprehensive Guidance Program, Individual Student Planning (ISP) stress, anti-bullying program, suicide and grief and group counselling etc.

Careers Guidance Course

A short course of 10 meetings is organized for careers teachers. It is specially designed for teachers currently involved in careers guidance and life planning work in school, and those who are interested in knowing more about the life and career development of their students.

Guidance Courses

Two short courses of 4 and 10 meetings are organized for guidance teachers. Experienced guidance teachers and social workers share with teachers on topics like crisis management, ways to deal with the SEN students, school bullying, mass media and students with mental disturbance, etc.

Publication on Career Guidance Handbook for Secondary School Graduates

A career guidance handbook is published each year for all secondary school graduates in collaboration with Careers Guidance Team, and Higher Education Division, EDB. The handbook provides valuable information for them before the release of DSE examination results.

Publication and research on Individual Student Planning

With the support of local academics, experienced career teachers and CDI, two learning tools, “Finding Your Colours of Life” (for S.1-S.3) and “Career Mapping” (for S.4-S.6) have been published for local secondary schools. Over 200 public/school-based workshops have been organized to equip teachers involved in careers education and guidance with the required skills and knowledge of how these can be best implemented. In 2009, with the support of Prof. Leung Seung Ming, Dean of Education, CUHK, we launched the Career Interest Inventory (CII) Platform through which students can conduct an empirically-based quantitative assessment on career inclination. Both students and career counsellors were provided with analysis of results that facilitate guidance and support for individuals.

Summer Career-related Experiences Scheme

The Scheme provides students from member schools an opportunity to acquire work knowledge and interpersonal skills and to experience the actual working environment in safe working conditions covered by an insurance policy. Participating students (S.5 or S.6) are arranged to experience the job in host organizations during the summer vacation.


A newsletter is published to report the functions organized by the Association and provides useful information for careers and guidance teachers, like JUPAS interview techniques and development of local associate degree programmes, overseas studies in Taiwan, Mainland China and other foreign countries.

JUPAS Talk and Statistics

A JUPAS seminar inviting representatives from all JUPAS member institutions is organized. It enables members to gather first-hand information from the JUPAS member institutions, and to clarify any queries about JUPAS application, which might have long been intriguing them.
To assist students in decision making in JUPAS, the Association compiles successful cases from member schools into an online electronic platform so that careers teachers and students (under the guidance of teachers) can take it as a reference before they counsel the students. ONLY MEMBER SCHOOLS are entitled to the use of the platform.

e-Learning Platform (ELP)

Ever since 2007, the Association has run over 300 workshops / talks / seminars on career guidance and life planning / individual student planning (ISP) for students under the NAS.  In order to allow more teachers to have professional training in a more flexible / distance mode, an e-Learning Platform (ELP) was set up in 2013 to enable more teachers to have professional development opportunities at their own pace and according to their own needs. All training packages have been substantially updated and revised to provide participants with the most up-to-date information.

Response to Education Policies related to Careers Guidance and Guidance

In view of the emergence of various reform measures which might have significant implications on the role and development of Careers Guidance and Life Planning and Guidance in secondary schools, including the implementation of NSS, Applied Learning (ApL) curriculum (formerly called Career-oriented Studies), SLP (Student Learning Profile), and study opportunities for NAS graduates, the population policy, Chief Executive’s Policy Address, the Association is taking up a more active role in response to various policy documents and voicing out the needs and concerns of front-line practitioners.











網上學習平台e-Learning Platform (ELP)

自2007 年,本會各項發展計劃開辦過百場教師培訓工作坊,反應熱烈。由2013-14 學年開始,本會將所有培訓內容重新編寫整理,發展網上教師及輔導人員的自學平台,使用者不受時空限制,自由調節進修進度。