Recommendation to JUPAS on 2020 Admission by the Hong Kong Association of Careers Masters and Guidance Masters

Over the past week, all schools have been bearing the brunt of class boycott and school suspension. While JUPAS application deadline is scheduled for 4 December, many career teachers drove home the message that they are not able to conduct career guidance sessions with their students as they can hardly meet with them face to face on campus. Some teachers have gone the extra mile by conducting career counselling over the phone or via social media platforms. Nevertheless, it was found that the effectiveness was undoubtedly undermined.

As a matter of fact, secondary school students across the board are emotionally distressed at the social unrest presently. Students could hardly focus on their studies, let alone getting down to planning for their further studies.

The situation we are now facing is unprecedented. Therefore, HKACMGM wishes to seek JUPAS’s kind consideration of postponing the deadline of JUPAS application to mid-December. This will certainly give teachers and counsellors a more reasonable amount of time to ease the negative emotions of students and give them much-needed support so as to facilitate them to make informed choices.