Dimension 6: Guidance and Counselling for Individuals


Professional development opportunities for career teachersCareer Guidance Training Course offered by the Hong Kong Association of Careers Masters and Guidance Masters in collaboration with SCOPE, The City University of Hong Kong: A 20-hour short course focussing on practical aspects of careers guidance in school; suitable for newly appointed career teachers. (http://www.hkacmgm.org/course/course.html )

Hong Kong Professional Counselling Associationhttp://www.hkpca.org.hk/main.htm

Online Journals and courses available
Hong Kong Psychological Societyhttp://www.hkps.org.hk/

Offers talks about psychological health and educational psychology
Social Welfare Departmenthttp://www.swd.gov.hk/

Offers referral and professional support
Australian Career Development StudiesProvide self-assessed and accredited program resources on career development, suitable for career practitioners and young people/adults seeking career guidance

Career Advice AustraliaA national career and transition support network

my FutureAn Australian government supported resource site for adults, students and career counsellors; very useful, informative and interactive on-line resources; with a on-line personal profile builder; http://www.myfuture.edu.au/
Australian Blueprint for Career DevelopmentABCD contains a special chapter on Comprehensive Career Development Program (outlines the three phases: planning, program development and implementation) and another on Career Development Programs for K-12 Schools that highlights the following support in organizational structure: leadership, management, marketing, networks, facilitates, and resources, supplemented by useful forms and tools.

Connexions: Supporting Career Guidance and IAGCESP (www.cegnet.co.uk ): very useful resource bank, with examples of programmes and scheme of work, as well and teaching and learning strategies, curriculum resources
The Blueprint for Life / Work DesignsThe Canadian blueprint for career development and guidance; a one-stop site with ample resources that connect to career competencies at various levels.